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Tula's Restaurant and Jazz Club:

May 30, 2017 at 7:30 PM
$15 cover charge

We return to Tula’s for our best show in the history of the band. We hope you will be there.

If you are a jazz fan and even just a little bit of a Frank Sinatra fan, you probably know that his best album of all time was Sinatra & Basie at the Sands. After many years of being a pop crooner, Frank returned to his jazz roots in 1966 by doing a series of concerts with the Count Basie Orchestra. They gave several concerts that year throughout the country, including a performance recorded at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. Jazz fans generally agree that this was the best recording that Sinatra ever made. He was then 50 years old and was at the peak of his vocal powers. The Basie Band was unquestionably the best big band in the world at the time.

"Sinatra & Basie at the Sands." was also a triumph for the orchestrators who wrote the music for the show. Most of the arrangements were written by Quincy Jones, who also directed the band. Others were written by the great Billy Byers and Nelson Riddle. I am pleased that, after some extended detective work, we have located the original scores for all those arrangements and will present them with the same enthusiasm as the Basie Band did 47 years ago.

Playing the role of our Frank Sinatra is DANNY QUINTERO, a wonderful local vocalist who has studied and performed Sinatra’s complete repertoire. When we called Danny to propose the idea to him, he said "Wow, what a great idea! I listen to Sinatra & Basie at the Sands every night in my car."

This promises to be a sell out, so make your reservations now. The music will start at 7:30, but book now to get a good table and enjoy Tula’s fine dinner menu.